Geocaching Story Competition

Have you got a great geocaching story to tell? If so, here’s a fun project for you! The GAGB are running a competition to find the best geocaching story out there! We invite you to submit up to two stories from April 3rd until July 31st 2020.

There will be prizes for first, second and third place (see below). All stories will be published in our Seeker e-magazine, which is read by hundreds of geocachers.

See below for details about what we're looking for, how to enter and some tips. Please ensure you read the rules and terms and conditions provided.

GAGB Story Competition

What are we looking for?

Any story (between 500 and 2,000 words) related to geocaching that complies with the rules outlined below!

We want everyone of all levels of ability to take part - the quality of your story is more important than perfect spelling and grammar!

Make sure you plan and think through the structure and content of your story before you write it. We encourage you to write a brand new story, but you can also adapt a great geocache log or blog post that you have already posted online!

We would prefer for your story to be non-fiction - a story you have to tell from your great geocaching experiences. However, there is nothing stopping you from writing a fictional story as an alternative.

Ideas and themes to base your stories around include (but are not limited to):

  • Adventure
  • Unforgettable
  • Favourite
  • Milestone
  • Achievement
  • Geocaching trip or holiday
  • DNF
  • Nemesis cache
  • First to find
  • Funny
  • Strange
  • Event
  • Something else - think outside the box and be creative!

All of the stories will be judged anonymously by the GAGB Committee, and the winners will be announced (and included) in the autumn issue of Seeker.

How to enter

To submit your word-processed story, send it to as an attachment (file type DOCX, DOC or PDF).

In your email, please include the following information:

  • Geocaching username
  • Your real name
  • Title of your story
  • Best way to contact you (either email or phone. If phone, please provide us with your phone number).

All information will be held securely in line with data protection laws. It will be deleted upon the completion of the competition.

If you encounter any issues, or require assistance submitting your story, email and a GAGB committee member will help you out as soon as possible to ensure that your story is entered into the competition.

If you do not receive a reply confirming your entry within 14 days, please let us know so that we can ensure your submission is entered.


  1. Stories must be between 500 and 2,000 words in length. Any story that falls short of the former or exceeds the latter will be disqualified.
  2. Stories can be submitted to the GAGB between 00:00 on 3 April 2020 to 23:59 on 31 July 2020.
  3. Stories must be word-processed.
  4. The story submitted must be your own work.
  5. Entrants must be residing in the UK.
  6. Up to two stories can be submitted per geocaching account. They do not have to be submitted at the same time.
  7. Stories must be connected to geocaching in some way.
  8. Stories should ideally be non-fiction, but fiction is also allowed.
  9. Any genre or style is acceptable.
  10. The content of the story must be family friendly and not inappropriate in any way.
  11. Stories cannot contain any form of advertising. This includes mentioning or describing any product in a favourable manner.
  12. Any people in the story should give their permission to be included.
  13. If your story contains any spoilers, you should ask the geocache owner for permission to include their geocache in your story.
  14. Stories must be in the English language.
  15. We strongly encourage you to write a new story, but you are welcome to submit an existing online geocache log or blog post if you prefer. However, this log or blog post must be adapted or altered in some way - exact copies will be disqualified.
  16. You cannot submit an article that you have already written for Seeker.
  17. You do not have to provide photos with your submission. However, this would be appreciated if at all possible.
  18. Once you have submitted your story, do not share it with anyone or post it online.
  19. You must be a GAGB member by 23:59 on 31 July 2020 for your entry to be valid. This means that you can sign up after submitting your story.
  20. Entrants cannot win more than one prize.
  21. Those holding office on the 2019/20 GAGB Executive Committee (elected in November 2019) cannot win any prizes in this competition, but can still take part if they wish.

Terms and conditions

  1. All stories remain the property of the submitter; the GAGB will not claim ownership of any story.
  2. The GAGB will credit every story.
  3. The submitter remains solely responsible for all content in the story.
  4. The submitter, not the GAGB, will be held accountable for any possible complaints based on their decisions.
  5. Submitters accept all liability for use of copyrighted material.
  6. If any of the rules are breached, the GAGB Committee will take action and will always have the final say. The Committee reserve the right to disqualify any story that does not comply with the rules.
  7. All submissions will be judged anonymously by the GAGB Committee in order to determine the winners.
  8. You give the GAGB the right to use your story in Seeker, on our website or elsewhere at any point in time. This is irrespective of your placing in the competition.
  9. By submitting a story, you fully agree to these rules and terms and conditions, and promise to abide by them.


Check out these useful websites for some tips:


First place: £30 GAGB store credit... our largest prize EVER!

Second place: £20 GAGB store credit.

Third place: £10 GAGB store credit.

What can you buy with your store credit? Good question! We have geocoins, customisable clothing, trackable tags, and lots more currently in stock! We are regularly adding new items, so you can save your store credit until we release something that you fancy (such as a brand new geocoin).